The Do Gooder OSDI API is an implementation of Open Supporter Data Interface. It allows campaigners to access their account data, like supporters, actions, and campaigns.

The current implementation is geared toward information access, not content creation. All of the endpoints within the Do Gooder OSDI implementation are read-only.

The OSDI specification documents can be found at

Getting started

The OSDI API implements the JSON+HAL spec. The spec makes the API easy to understand and use for both people and machines. 

You can browse the API using the HAL browser. You can checkout the various libraries and tools available for HAL based APIs.

The API entry point (AEP) is

The API entry point doesn’t require authentication, but most other endpoints will. Authentication occurs with a token via HTTP header or query string. You can obtain an API token for your account from the token page.

OSDI-API-Token: your_api_key_here


The API is available on the Gooder and Goodest Plans

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