Do Gooder aims to impact democracy by helping as many progressive campaigners as possible in their battle to change the world. To  achieve this we have built one of the world's most sophisticated digital advocacy platforms with world class support to ensure our campaigners know we've got their back when they need it.

We know from years of supporting and working within progressive campaigns that budgets for the bulk of the movement are extremely stretched. That is why we built Do Gooder as a self service platform. It's orders of magnitude cheaper than engaging an agency or building your own internal design and tech team. However, even when amortised over many customers the cost of similar platforms os often our of the reach for many campaigners, smaller orgs or individuals.  

So we knew we needed to make it 10x cheaper again. To do this we decided to create a tiered plan structure with subsidised our lower priced plans (good and gooder) which have promotions from Do Gooder and other progressive campaigns, placed on the action completion pages of their campaigns .

The result is when you sign up to either our good or gooder plans you're getting a feature-rich package for around 20-30% of the real cost. We think that's a pretty good deal and we know it opens up Do Gooder to a vastly larger pool of progressive campaigners who would have otherwise gone unsupported. 

For those who value their supporter exclusivity it's only a small hop up to our goodest plan which removes these requirements. We also offer a PRO plan with the ability to completely white label, provide your own CSS, and create custom domains to remove any association with Do Gooder and to fully brand the supporter experience.

So to recap:  
good/gooder = subsidised (via promotions) plans
goodest/goodest PRO = full price (promotion free) plans

Plus you can enjoy further discounts on all plans by signing up for a 12 month plan.

See our pricing page for plan prices and inclusions.

* As always we only work with like-minded progressive campaigners so the promotions are a natural fit.

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