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How can I make Petitions use a single click action?
How can I make Petitions use a single click action?

Modifying Do Gooder actions with CSS is easy and allows you to style and even change some functionality

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Do Gooder petitions are designed to provide a two step process for supporters to engage with your petition. The thinking behind this is you are able to create a commitment from your supporters before displaying your form, reducing the chances the supporter will shy away from filling a form with extra data fields.

If you are keeping your petition form very simple (or prefer one click actions) you may wish to remove the two steps. This can be done via CSS which is available on our goodest PRO plan. See this article for more CSS trickery you can use.

Add this CSS to your Campaign in the Custom Theme Tab:

hidden {
   display: none !important;
    visibility: hidden !important;

 .field-wrapper.overflow input {
display: none;

body.petition-action .form-footer.submit-area {
   display: block !important;
.custom-message-container, .donate-message-container, .petition-container {
   display: block;

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