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Real-time Action Maps
Real-time Action Maps

Overview and how to use it.

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Action Maps are displayed on your Campaign Dashboard and provide you with real-time visibility of your supporter's actions, where support is occurring and who is taking action.

The map looks like this:

Actions are shown by default as small delta (change!) symbols and represent individual actions for this campaign (or action if filtered to one action). They are shown in real-time as they happen on a paddle giving the supporter's name, exact date and time the action was taken and the name of the action itself. You can click on the delta symbols at any time to display the paddle if you like that sort of thing.

The Data Dial at top left provides critical information about your campaign's performance, namely;

  • actions = the total number of supporter actions taken to date (also shown as the big tangerine number in the centre of the dial)

  • views = the number of visitor views your action/campaign has had (a person visiting twice before taking action = 2 views) 

  • the conversion rate = actions divided by views giving you a sense of the effectiveness of your action/campaign. The dark inner bar within the white conversion bar shows the median conversion rate for the entire platform for that action type (and is a weighted median if there is more than one action type showing).

    In the example above the median is 42% while this campaign action is tracking a little over this at around 50%. The small number above the action count displaying '1M' is showing the scale of the dial as it currently stands, ie. the bars are indicating a value between 0 and 1,000,000 at this point. Once one of the bars clocks past  100,000 then the scale will re-adjust automatically to 10M and so on.

  • real-time user count = the number of people on the campaign or action (again depending on which filtered view) right now. This number is next to a small person icon below the Action count and is great for getting a sense of current activity separate to actual actions taken.

Settings can be changed via the cog symbol top right. Options include: 

  • filtering the map on specific actions or showing all actions in a campaign.

  • displaying the default delta symbols or a single pixel per action (helpful when things get really busy!)

  • Auto-pan vs Still map. Setting this to 'Keep map still' stops the map from zooming out when an action is taken outside the current map area (outliers in other countries for instance).

Zoom - the white square situated at bottom left of the map provides a full screen view of the map. Very handy for grabbing screenshots for presentations to policy makers or internal teams.

Here’s how you do that on a Mac ..

All mapped out?

You can hide the map at any time using the Hide map link situated top right. This will collapse the map into a small bar with the key data displayed on it. Just click 'Show map' again to display the Action Map in detail again.

NOTE: Only actions that ask for a full address or postcode from your supporters (set in the Advanced Tab of the action) are placed on the map (as this provides the geolocation to place the action) – tallies are still accurate regardless of this. 

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