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How do I campaign in multiple languages?
How do I campaign in multiple languages?

Steps on creating multi-lingual campaigns

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You can campaign in any language on Do Gooder with support for all left to right languages, and translations provided out of the box for 9 languages (on the Goodest and PRO plans - see plans and pricing) including English, Indonesian, Dutch, French, Italian, Japanese, Continental and Brazilian Portuguese, Thai, and Spanish.

A multi-lingual Do Gooder microsite by Plan International ...

To add a language open the Advanced Tab of your campaign and click the checkboxes next to the languages you wish to add. Like so …

Pro Tip: You do not need to campaign in English if you do not wish too. You can instead choose another language then drag that language into the default area and click Save & Continue, then uncheck English and click Save again.

Once you have chosen one or more of languages hit the Save & Continue editing link at the bottom of the edit form. The new languages will appear as buttons on the right hand side of your campaign like so ...

The white/ticked language is the current one and the others can be edited and accessed by clicking that button. The page will reload and your content that is language specific will be shown. For the pre-translated languages, all of the form labels and other user interface elements that are not entered by campaigners normally are provided. For other languages you must enter these yourself.

Once you have added the translations (the usual fields that are required need to be entered as a minimum but you can return to complete translations of other fields at any time) you can save or click another language button which also automatically saves the form.

Modifying translations

If any of the pre-translated word or phrases do not suit the dialect or are otherwise not right for your campaign, you can edit them by activating the ‘use custom translations/overides’ option for that language like so …

You can search for specific words/phrases to translate, or just translate them all. By editing the content fields on the right to replace the word/phrase on the left. These will then be displayed for your chosen language. That’s it, you’ll now have a campaign that includes that language.

Pro Tip: If you are working with translators you can copy and paste the translatable labels on the left easily into a spreadsheet for your translator, and then cut and paste the translations into Do Gooder when done.

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