A/B testing actions
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A/B testing is a useful way to experiment with different framing and/or settings on your actions. It is best to test one change at a time and send a minimum volume of supporters to both tests, randomly selected.

To create an AB test on Do Gooder first create your first action (A) and set it to Active. Next copy the action (click the copy icon on the action) to create the second test (B) and modify the element you are testing.

You can optionally set the target of the actions to 0 so that the target counter is not shown, otherwise each test will have an independent count which may give the impression the action is not as successful as it actually is.

To view the conversion rate for each action, click the cog icon on the top right of the map then choose that action. The Impact Dial will show you the action count. View count and subsequent conversion rate for that action.

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