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How do I target candidates during an election?
How do I target candidates during an election?

Allow your supporters to search for and email candidates based on your own data

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Prepping the file for upload to your campaign

First you need to have Access to the: Candidates Australian Federal Election 2022 (contact our team at [email protected] to arrange)

To download a copy ready for upload to your campaign, open the spreadsheet;

Click on the Filter option next to email address, choose the filter by condition option, then text contains, then in the space, enter the @ symbol, then click okay.

See image below for visual of this step.

This ensure that when you download a copy, you will only get those candidates with a valid email address.

Once that step is finished, go to file, download, comma separated value (.csv)

Once the file is download, remove the filter by condition so that the spreadsheet is ready to be worked on again

Uploading your file to your campaign

Just a note, you must be on a Pro plan to access this feature.

With your action, select you want to lobby for change, politicians by location, and via email, then lets go. Do not check using my down data (that selects a different tool, our Search & Email tool which doesn’t use location lookup)

As you are filling out your campaign, when you get to the below section, make sure you select candidates as the members you are targeting, and the upload your candidate list option shall appear below the chambers (you still need to choose the cambers you will be filling with your data set – though you an only choose one or two, in this case Federal Parliament House of Reps and/or the Senate.

Upload the .csv file that we prepped earlier

Pro Tip: if you get any errors on import, that will be because the data has been entered incorrectly. Please return to the Google sheet and update it once you have worked out the problem. This way we’ll collectively keep the data clean and most campaigners will not have any issues.

Good luck with your election campaign!

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