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How does PAY LATER work?
How does PAY LATER work?
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We never want your budget to get in the way of us helping you do good. That's why we offer a Pay Later option with our GOODER and GOODEST (yearly) plans. We figure good campaigners using our good tools will be able to rally their community around them to chip in – so the more successful your campaign (and the more costs it incurs our end) the more likely it is you'll be able to raise enough funds (hopefully much more!)
Here's how it works ...

  1. You activate one of our yearly plans on a 14 day trial (without paying up front).

  2. Let us know you would like to pay later via the chat tool.

  3. Add a Raise Money action tool within every campaign (usually the second action after your main action). We'll advise you on copy and assist in setting it up if you get stuck.

  4. You pass on the funds raised once you reach the annual plan price. After that you don't pay us any more until the next year comes around.

You only pay us as much as you raise directly on Do Gooder, so if you don’t raise enough we discount the plan accordingly. If after three months you haven't raised enough to cover your plan cost we'll need to close the account, but you do not owe us any money and have hopefully made an impact on your issue!

It’s a great no risk way to unlock financial support in your community for your on line campaigning while gaining access to our sophisticated tools and data sets.

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