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How do I acquire supporters within Do Gooder?
How do I acquire supporters within Do Gooder?

A fast, easy way to promote your campaign and acquire new supporters

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Our built-in Campaign Promotions are an easy way for you to amplify the impact of your campaign and/or build your supporter base. This fully integrated list building service sits within your campaign workflow and displays your promotion on the action thank-you pages of other campaigns.*

Fast, simple affordable list building

Simply choose the target geographic region, set your budget and your maximum bid (with or without a deadline) and create your promo content. Your promotion will appear straight away chosen through our bidding engine that starts at the lowest bid price currently set by the system (0.50USD) or other campaigners. 

Your promotion will place a bid on any thank-you pages that match your geographic and issue targeting. Your bid will start at the lowest amount available, competing with any other campaign promotions – with the maximum bid being made based on your maximum bid and those of competing bids.

The end result is you pay the lowest possible price for supporters while ensuring you have the best chance of meeting your quota targets. The system works best when you provide a higher max bid that truly represents the very most you would be willing to pay to meet your targets. 

Supporters you acquire are immediately available for download in your campaign dashboard and you have complete control over your list growth and spend. Once your budget is reached for a given promotion it will stop and you will be notified of the result and then billed.

* Promotions always appear on the thank-you pages of campaigns running on good and gooder plans but are optional on the goodest or goodest pro plans. Learn how we price our plans here.

Here's how they look ...

The Promotion in situ on a campaign thank-you page. In this example a person has supported the VRET Submission campaign promoting renewable energy and has been shown a high-speed rail campaign b/c they are both related to environmental issues. The likeliehood of 

And up close it looks like this ...

To create a Promotion

  1. Click create promotion

  2. Confirm target region

  3. Confirm Issue filtering

  4. Set your budget limit

  5. Set your max bid

  6. Set your deadline

  7. Adjust content

  8. Upload your existing (wash) list so we only charge you for genuine new supporters.

Once you're done hit Save & Preview to see how it will look then Activate and you're good to go! You can see how well your campaign is doing at any time via the Pages tab in the campaign dashboard.

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