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How do I embed an action in another website?
How do I embed an action in another website?
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Sometimes you may want the goodness of Do Gooder actions but need them to sit on another website. Do Gooder actions can be embedded on any web platform that allows iframes to be embedded in them – including Wordpress (not those on sadly), NationBuilder and most open source platforms.

Here's how you do it:

Most CMS/platforms:

1) Create a new action in Do Gooder or edit an existing one. NOTE: you must first create your Action, save and Activate it then return to editing it before you can access the iframe code.

2) Navigate to the Campaign Dashboard and ensure your campaign is Active (Launch the campaign if it is not yet launched, don't worry no one will know it's there until you promote it!) and click the edit icon on the action you wish to embed.

3) Scroll down to the Advanced Tab and click the + link to open the tab.

4) Scroll right down to the bottom and you will see the code with a heading "Embed this action in a third party site”, like so …

5) Click on the embed code field and select all of the code, then copy it.

6) You will then need to open the editor on your platform (they vary greatly so we can't be specific here) and paste that code into the right location in the html to embed your Do Gooder action.


NationBuilder users should navigate to the page they wish to embed the action in and click Template. Then paste the do^gooder action code under the <div id = "content"> tag (see below).

You can also edit the TAGS that are inserted in your Nation in the Advanced Tab of any action on Do Gooder. This is a great way to ensure you know which campaigns and actions a supporter participated in.


We provide a Wordpress plugin for folks who manage their own install of WordPress. ( dos not support iframes so you cannot use our actions with the hosted version)

1) Download the plugin

2) Install via your console by uploading the zip file

  • Go to your Wordpress Admin area (Dashboard)

  • Click Plugins in the menu

  • Click Add New button

  • Click Upload Plugin button

  • Click Choose File button

  • Find your plugin zip file & click OK/Open

  • Click Install now

  • Click Activate now

2) Once installed you can insert our action into your site in the HTML view of any page.
Just follow the format below:

[dogooder url=<full url to your Do Gooder action>]
e.g. [dogooder url=]

Pro Tip: Remember to also enter the web address for the page you have just embedded your action within into the ‘Web address of page containing action' field above the embed as shown below. This ensures that search engines and social shares will point to your site rather than the Do Gooder microsite. Links to your Do Gooder microsite for this action will also redirect to your site for any browsers that are not logged in (redirects do not occur for you while your are logged into your Do Gooder admin).


A common problem you might encounter is that instead of seeing your action you see a request to login. This means your Campaign or Action is/are not yet Launched/Activated. Please ensure they are then reload.

Let us know if you get stuck or your platform doesn't seem to allow it and we'll look into it for you.

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