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Bandwidth, data and email quotas
Bandwidth, data and email quotas
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Each plan comes with a generous cap on your usage, designed to reduce the chances of you ever paying more than your plan price, while ensuring a fair use linit is applied in case campaigns blow up and consume vast amounts of data/resources.

On all plans your entire account cannot exceed 10MB of files uploaded to our servers and 10 GB of bandwidth usage. Remember that this doesn’t include files such as videos hosted off site on Vimeo or YouTube.

Email quotas

Depending on the plan chosen we also provide a quota of between 50,000 – 300,000 emails per month. This refers to the total number of emails we send on your behalf to recipients including campaign targets, various emails to supporters, and any emails generated through your use of Do Gooder.

It's important to note that the tally on the action counter is the total number of individual actions taken NOT the total number of emails which includes an extra email for any extra recipients in the TO and CC fields of email actions, plus follow up emails, and any BCCs to you or your supporters.

You will get warnings when your quota exceeds 50%, 80% and 100% so you’ll always have the ability to manage your email charges. And if you do exceed your quota we charge just $0.0015 USD per extra email sent at the end of your billing cycle.

Note: Only some of our tools result in large numbers of emails being sent (petitions, selfies, surveys, raise money and events don’t send email to targets for instance), however many of our most popular tools are designed to send emails to targets.

Full details are in the terms.

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