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How do I change my PayPal account?
How do I change my PayPal account?
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To change your PayPal account follow the steps below.

Please note: If you just want to change credit cards on the same PayPal account then log into PayPal and visit the My Account -> Profile -> Add/Edit Credit Card in the menu.

If you're keen to actually change your PayPal account you're using then follow these steps:1

1) Contact us on the in-app chat within Do Gooder's admin or email us at [email protected] to say that you wish to deactivate the PayPal account and what date you would like us to do that.

2) Go into your old PayPal account and cancel the auto-recurring payment.

3) We will then unlink the PayPal account from your Do Gooder account and let you know.

4) You can then set up your new PayPal account in the Account page of your Do Gooder admin.

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