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How do I customise targets and salutations when emailing politicians?
How do I customise targets and salutations when emailing politicians?

Learn how to control who is the primary receipient, who gets CC’d and more.

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When emailing political representatives (whom receive thousands of emails a week or even a day) its important to consider who your target is and minimise the number of people who are sent the email. The extent to which you need to add others to the email is very contextual, with some issues having a wider decision making network than others, so we allow you to CC various decision makers through our Email Politician tool.

There are 4 options in structuring your email IF you wish to target more than one house of parliament. You can in fact target both the Upper and Lower House directly (TO Upper or Lower house), or send TO either, CCing the other house and finally, you can send an email TO one or more Decision Makers of your choice, CCing one or both houses (as well as CC’ing a number of others if you wish).

For a single TO target, the salutation will appear as Dear Full Name + title, and for multiple targets it'll appear in plural as Dear Senators/Members,

If you choose to email a Decision Maker then we use the name of that Decision Maker entered by you (Dear Minister X, in the example below).

Pro Tip: We do not address any CC’d representatives as the email is not actually addressed to them (CC = carbon copy, aka an FYI email only) so if you want to address a rep then you need to use the TO: fields and CC the other decision maker. (IF you wish to also address that person you could enter a salutation in the body of the email but this isn’t managed by Do Gooder).

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