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How does Do Gooder price its plans?
How does Do Gooder price its plans?
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Do Gooder exists because we believe for a more progressive and equitable world to exist, we need to level the playing field and equip progressive campaigners with the best tools available to make it happen. That’s why we built one of the world's most sophisticated digital advocacy platforms and offer it at the lowest price possible.

We know from years of supporting and working within the progressive movement, that budgets for progressives are extremely tight. The good guys always seem to be the ones without the deep pockets and resources that make it much easier to win. That is why we built Do Gooder, and priced it at a fraction of equivalently featured platforms.

To make it work economically we run a remote and lean operation, but that alone wasn’t enough to bring the price down so that everyone could access our tools. To do that we also created a tiered plan structure which subsidises our lower priced plans via promotions from other progressive campaigns and causes. This allows us to charge the absolute minimum for campaigners who are willing to accept those promotions on their own campaigns.

Promotions only appear after an action is taken, so they don’t interfere with your conversion rates, with the option to skip or ignore always available to your supporters. Remember you too can run promotions acquiring new supporters for your campaign or organisation as well!

Here's how a promotion looks on a campaign’s completion page after an action is taken …

As a result, when you sign up to either our Good or Gooder plans you're getting a feature-rich toolkit for much less than you otherwise would. We think that's a pretty good way to open up Do Gooder to a vastly larger pool of progressive campaigners, organisations and people who would have otherwise had to use substandard toolsets, or even gone unsupported. 

For those who do not wish to allow promotions from other campaigns to be show to their supporter, you can pay a little more to remove promotions, as well as access more tools and features, on our Goodest or Goodest Pro plans.

So to recap our plan tiers:
Good/Gooder = subsidised via promotions (starting at $39USD / month*)
Goodest/Goodest PRO = full price plans (starting at $149USD / month*)

  • When signing up for a 12 month plan, paid upfront.

* As always we only work with like-minded progressive campaigners so the promotions are a natural fit.

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