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How do I embed multi-lingual actions in other sites?
How do I embed multi-lingual actions in other sites?

There are a few gotchas when embedding our actions in multi-lingual web sites.

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Once you have created more than one language in your campaign you may wish to embed your Do Gooder actions in your third-party ‘mothership’ site as well. This will allow your supporters to access those actions without visiting your Do Gooder microsite.

Firstly, ensure you understand how to embed an action into your site. Once you understand that you are ready to embed multiple actions in each language.

The most common (and simplest way) to add different language actions into your site is to cut and paste the embed code from each language version of your Do Gooder action into each language page of your site. (see here for how too create a multi-lingual campaign).

Most sites will use a url to differentiate languages based on international codes. Do Gooder also does this, and you will notice in the urls within the embed code for example we use ‘fr’ to indicate the action is a French language action. Similarly your site will probably have either a 2 character code within the url, or a parameter at the end of the url. Navigate to this page to embed the matching Do Gooder action.

Once there, switch to that language from the Do Gooder campaign, then click on the Advanced Tab and scroll down to the embed code. Next you need to cut and paste the code from Do Gooder into the language page on your site (following the instructions linked above).

Pro Tip: Remember to also enter the web address for that language page into the field above the embed as shown below. This ensures that any social shares send supporters to the matching language page rather than the default language.

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